About Us

Tznius: Great-Looking and Modest Clothing

Tznius.com is dedicated to providing the woman of the world with modest (Tznius), great-looking clothing and head coverings. Tznius began over 10 years ago from one woman's frusturation in finding nice modest clothing online for a shidduch date. Our job is to keep you beautiful, modest (tznius) and looking feminine! Skirts that swish, shirts with romantic cuffs, long flowing headscarves and distinguished looking caps and head covers. Be sure to check back often as we regularly add new pieces. All of our clothing follows the strict laws (halachas) of Jewish law and are rabbinically approved.
Since the year 2000: Tznius.com was the first site ever on the web to offer modest clothing and head scarves (tichels). We are happy to see that our efforts have repopularized the head scarf among both young and older women!

What makes our head scarves special?

Most scarves in department stores, even square ones, are too small to tie on one's head and don't provide enough coverage to cover ones hair. Our scarves, however, are square and measure between 41-45 inches (100-110cm) each way. You will have no problem covering your head with our super-generous sizes.

Your Tznius Scarf will get compliments--from your friends and from your husband.

If you have an outfit, we have a Tznius Scarf that will complement it just right. We have the largest selection of colors and patterns on the web.

Every Tznius Scarf has unlimited potential. There are dozens of ways to combine and tie Scarves. Coordinate your Scarves to match your wardrobe.

Our line of Winter Scarves will keep your head warm in the cold, while our summer line is cool and breaths like no other headwear.

Wearing and tying Tznius Scarves is quick and easy. Check out our step-by-step Tying Guide