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Modest Clothing Customer Comments

"I just received the three skirts I ordered from you (gold and wine velvet, and the Phoebe}. I am thrilled with the quality and the fit. Who would think one size fits all would be so flattering? ....Thanks again for such quality and pretty skirts!"
- Bricktowne, NJ
"Thanks so much, you are awesome and being covered is a blessing."
- Crozet, VA
"The order arrived, and the scarves are beautiful! "
Winnsboro, TX
"Shalom, Women of Tznius,
I had to write to say that, as always, your fall selection of headscarves is just gorgeous! It takes a lot of self control to keep myself from buying every one! But what's even better, is your ever-creative suggestions for tying them. You take the art of women's head covering to a whole new level! I am planning to visit Israel for the first time this November and you can be sure that my suitcase will be mostly filled with clothing and headscarves from your website!
Thanks again for your inspiration. When I sometimes get a little weary of being one of the few women in my town who covers her head, all I have to do is check your website and I'm always encouraged and freshly inspired! With your products available, how could a woman resist the desire to dress modestly?!
- Derry, New Hampshire
"I've received this order and love each item, especially the white skirt! I feel soo feminine wearing it, and it's trendy and fun as well. I'm a picky shopper and have sent back entire mail orders before. Thanks for carrying such great items. I'm very impressed with your customer service as well. Thanks Tznius!!!!"
- Colorado Springs, CO
Dear, Yesterday I received the long denim skirt in XL, and it fits me perfectly. I just thought I'd let you know that. The pastel blue v-striped zip-up top is also very nice. Thank you for all your help, and please add some more new items!" - Brisband, Australia
"I have recently become more observant and have had a hard time finding modest clothes. However, once I discovered I have found many items that I wear everyday. I have even recommended it to others in the community. Thank you for providing good quality modest clothing." - Milwaukee, WI
"...I discovered your website over a year ago. I am a Roman Catholic mother of three children who is trying to follow (largely-ignored) Church teachings regarding modesty and purity. But I don't want to look "frumpy" or like I live on the prairie! So even though I am not an Orthodox Jew, I know your site is one that I can "count on" for high-quality, feminine modest apparel. Keep up the good work, and I am looking forward to seeing everything stocked again!"
- Charlotte, NC
"Received the shirts today. Thank you for your excellent service!" - Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Dear All, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my scarf which arrived promptly last week. It is exactly what I hoped it would be and very true to the photo. It is also very comfortable to wear and has beautiful colours in it. Many thanks," - East Sussex, UK
"I just ordered for my first time from your company and I am so pleased with all of my garments! I find that I have to search so hard to find modest and beautiful clothing and I am never really able to find what I want anywhere. Well, you had JUST what I was looking for. The skirts that I ordered were better than I thought that they would be. I have literally been looking for YEARS for this very thing-LONG skirts, no slits, practical and easy to move around in. I am a wife and a mother, not a showgirl. I have finally found attractive yet modest clothing that I can move freely in and enjoy wearing as I work in them! Thankyou so much! You get an A+++!"
- Bethlehem, PA
"Hi, I'd just like you to know that I love your website store. I stumbled upon it by accident. Lately, I have been feeling like I'd like to dress more modestly for practical reasons (which I state below) and the fact that I am learning more about my husband's Turkish heritage. I was just in Istanbul recently and I love the beautiful muslim women who walk around in modern but modest clothes of fine quality, some wearing beautifully colored head scarfs. This was a refreshing contrasting view to the strange ninja-looking black-robed muslim women who sometimes walk the streets of Philadelphia, PA where I live.

Though your website is geared for one particular culture/religion I'm happy to say that these things are beautiful and I wouldn't be surprised if women from all walks of life started ordering from your store.

I didn't know that Judaism also had a request for modest clothes, but I applaud what you offer. I think these clothes make women even more beautiful because I don't believe beauty is in the skin, it's in the entire woman - how she acts, how she presents herself, how she speaks. When a woman wears these beautiful, feminine, modest clothes she makes the statement: "I am a beautiful elegant mature woman". This is in contrast to the fashions nowadays which make statements like "I'm a child" with clothes that seem too small or uncomfortable and "I'm a display" with clothes that reveal too much.

Thank you so much for making these beautiful modest clothes available for any woman of any religion who doesn't want to be labeled by mis-directed fashion that seems to be everywhere."
JAB - Philadelphia, PA

"Dear, Shalom! ... I recently placed an order for one of your college plaid scarves. I received notice on monday that it was sent & today I received it! WOW!! Talk about quick service. I am very pleased. And the scarf itself is so beautiful-much more brilliant in color than even the picture could show. It matches my coat perfectly and I can't wait to where them together. Thanks for making my first headcovering so great!"
"I received my order yesterday. It was the black blouse with blue flowers. I just wanted to say thanks for shipping it so quickly, and tell you that the blouse is just gorgeous! I can see why you all like the sleeves; they're great!" Have a great day,
- Ontario, Canada
"...As always, you stand up to the wonderful reputation of your business. That is why I will always continue to shop from you and to recommend you to my friends."
- Atlanta, GA
" I received my order the other day and I just wanted to tell you how much I like them. All of the scarves are beautiful. It was hard to choose which one to wear first! The special order scarves are exactly what I wanted. I may place another order today as I see you've added some new things. Thank you very much for going to the extra effort. I really appreciate it."
- Seattle, WA
"Hi there, After two orders I'd just like to say thank you for such beautiful scarves. They really are the most wonderful quality with extremely vibrant colours. Both orders arrived within a week of my ordering them, and they were well wrapped to keep them in perfect condition. You will certainly be receiving more orders from me in the future."
- Middlesex, UK
"I just wanted to let you know that I received my first order of scarves a little over a week ago and they are beautiful! I just recently became observant and was having a hard time with the mitzvah of tzniut, particularly the head-covering. But with your beautiful and comfortable scarves, I am more than happy to fulfill this beautiful and important mitzvah. Even my non-Jewish co-workers love the scarves!
Thank you. I just placed another order for another half-dozen scarves, and look forward to continue doing business with you.
May HaKadosh Baruch Hu bless your business... You are truly doing a Kiddush Hashem by providing this wonderful service to those of us in the diaspora struggling to keep these beautiful mitzvot."
- Miami Beach, FL
"I just received my order yesterday, and I have to tell you how much I love my new scarves! It's so wonderful to find scarves large enough to give complete coverage, and beautiful enough to wear without feeling frumpy! I know I'll be ordering from you again in the near future. "
- Whidbey Island, WA
"I received my order yesterday (Wednesday August 25th/ 8 Elul). Thank you very much for your service and your follow up phone call. It was nice to hear from someone. Thank you very much for your patience and help. I hope to be placing many future order with you."
- Santa Fe, NM
"Our package has just arrived today. As usual, my wife is very pleased with the skirts and scarves. She's looking forward to new arrivals on your website."
- West Allis, WI
"My snood arrived yesterday. It is so pretty!"
- North Attleboro, MA
"Thanks for having your business: it's really fantastic to have a place to buy nice outfits for a frum wife! May the new year bring you and your business only good!"
- Palo Alto, CA
"I got the shirts in the mail today. I'm thrilled with them. Thank you so much!"
- Philadelphia, PA
"Hello! I just got my order today and i would like to say that i am a very happy customer! I will definitely be ordering more items from you in the near future." - Catskill, NY
"I really love the black/brown leaf print scarf and the black scarf with the metallic lines. They are gorgeous- thanks so much! Haven't been happier with a head covering item in a long time!" - Mercer Island, WA
"So far I have made three purchases from Tznius and all of my scarves are absolutely beautifull. I have recived many compliments and just reffered several friends all who wrote me back saying how impressed they were with you scarves & snoods! Keep up the good work! You guys are great and I look forward to ordering from you again very soon." Salem , OR
"I am so happy to let you know that the order came in the mail last week!!! We were out of town so this is the first chance I've had to let you know it was received. Thank you so much for keeping in touch with me about it. The scarves are so beautiful, it was worth the wait!" - Weston, WI
"Thank you for such a quick response :) The package was left on my porch and my kind neighbor was holding for me. She didn't want anything to happen to it. It is very beautiful and I will be ordering from you again very soon. Thank you" - San Jose, CA
"I just received my order and everything is lovely and of very good quality (your scarfs --on another receipt are exquisite). " - Houston, TX
Dear Tznius; I just recieved my first order from you. Just a simple black scarf. I was nervous about buying it online........ya' know that whole 'I can't really see or touch it thing'. I can't believe how beautiful and silky and soft your cotton scarves are! It is just lovely and stays in place much better than those cheap things at wal-mart! I will absolutely be recommending you to my friends and ordering more from you for myself! Simply beautiful! ... Thank you.
- Salem, OR
"Thank you very much, for your much needed customer support assistance, in placing my order. I have never experienced in my entire life of 55 yrs, a person in a place of business, that genuinely knew their job,liked their job,extremely helpful,courteous,patient, and very understanding. I will continue to due pleasurable business with you, and all the staff, at I will refer to everyone that I know. I'm truly looking forward to placing my next order.I'm looking forward to your special quality, and excellence; that can be found in all your products. Thank you for your much needed input, and support. I received it well, it helped me make my final decision, and selections." - Itasca, IL
"I just received my collapsible summer hat, and it is perfect! I've been looking for a good, wide-brimmed hat for *years* now, and this one is exactly what I wanted. Lightweight, plenty of sun protection, *and* I can have my hair up while I wear it. I know it will get plenty of use this summer! Thanks!"
"Hi, My most recent order arrived today - I love the wrap skirts! ... I am about to place my next order - I love your store! I also love the fact the postage is so low, as it means I don't have to worry about placing many, smaller orders. Thanks again " - London, UK
"I just wanted to let you folks know that I received my scarves this time, and I love them! Online the turquoise silver threaded scarf looked rather pale, but I was delighted to see how bright it was, and it goes perfectly with a dress I have! You have the best selection of scarves I've ever seen! Thanks!" - Hillsdale, Wyoming
"I just wanted to say what beautiful scarves you have. my order has just arrived (from Israel, cool thrill for my kids who were all excited about getting a package from the Holy Land!) and I'm so pleased with them both. THANK YOU! Now I'm off to practice tying them, since all I presently know is a piratey type look. grin!" - Tres-St-Redempteur, Quebec
"Howdy - My package came. The skirt is perfect, and the three scarves are quality made. I am very happy. " - Sparks, NV
"I must say, that the scarves I received were the best I have ever owned. Again, thank you!" - Denver, CO
"I received my order of two scarves yesterday, and I am just thrilled! The autumn leaves scarf is just beautiful!" - Hillsdale, WY
"I did get the shabbos robe and it was beautiful. I was so happy with the fit and the style. I am so glad that I bought the robe. I meant to email and let your company know how happy I was but I became caught up in all the Pesach cleaning. I also received the snoods and they are really pretty too. Thank you."
- Sidney, Australia
"Dear Tznius, I just wanted to let you know that the package I inquired about tracking came today. The scarves are beautiful. You can bet I will be ordering more." - Bend, OR
"Shalom, I received my snoods on Friday and I am so pleased with them that I will be placing another order in the coming weeks. Your variety and styles of headcoverings are amazing and not found anywhere else. I am glad I found your site. " - Coopersburg, PA
"My order has arrived by mail! Thank you for your timely response. I'm very happy to receive the clothing I purchased and it is all beautiful! Thank you!"
- Meadville, PA
"I just got my scarves, and I am thrilled with them. They're beautiful and just what i had been looking for. Definitely will order again."
- Lowgap, NC
"Just wanted to let you know the lavender outfit i got was great. I loved it and great compliments on it. I've told everyone where I got it so they will be willing to buy and help support you in eretz yisrael. It's material is so soft and feels great when I'm wearing it. I plan on purchasing more in the future. Thank you and keep up the good work and the web site that you have."
"Hi! I've been trying to learn how to tie my headcoverings in different ways for so long! Thank you so much for creating a beautiful site for the Jewish woman. It is a breath of fresh air and truly inspiring! Tizku l'mitzvot -- I am sure that your website is helping fulfill the nevuah that the world will be filled with da'at Hashem, since you make tzniut for women so becoming and accessible."
- Adina
"The skirts, scarf and snood arrived extremely quickly, and the personal customer service was great. The clothes are lovely and of good quality- it is so nice to be able to look good and also modest at the same time!"
- Dublin, Ireland
"Thanks again for the excellent merchandise and the superb service."
-Stroudsburg, PA
"I just wanted to say thank you so much for being there and for the wonderful items you have on your web site. I ordered one of your hats last summer and was very pleased with it, I am just as pleased with the 2 scarves that I just received. The quality of your products is awesome and I will definitely be ordering more from you in the near future. It is also nice to know that I am helping the women of Israel in my own small way. Women of the world need to unite and support one another. "
- Eagle Point, Oregon
"Dear Sir or Madam, I just want to thankyou for providing beautiful modest clothing! It is such a rare thing to find modest clothing these days and I am so thankful that I found your website!"
- Barbara
"Shalom friends at! I received the scarves and skirt today after much anticipation. :) The scarves are so lovely and feminine. I will enjoy learning how to tie them. The web site really does not do justice to their softness or beauty. The skirt fits so well, it feels like it was made for me. I hope your work contines to expand. Many blessings to you all, " - Vinton, VA
"Hello. I just would like to tell you how Happy I am with the scarves that I've purchased from you. I love the colors and the quality is excellent and I look forward to making other purchases with you. Thank you." - San Diego, CA
"I haven't ordered from your site yet...but I will as soon as i get some do,rei,mi. Anywho, I just stumbled upon your site via search engine looking for snoods for Yom Kippur, and I must tell you how absolutely thrilled I am that a site such as yours actually exists!! my husband is a US Marine, and there aren't very many Orthodox Marines. In fact, there are NONE at the base where he is stationed, and he always hears me kvetching about how Wal-Mart and Robinson's May don't carry non-korva-like shmatas in the summertime. We always joke: " Perhaps there is a '' I can just type up, and they'll show me all these great modest clothes!!" " Ha, ha, convenient THAT would be!!" So now, I will laugh about it again with my husband, and then I shall type up your web-address - and he shall stop laughing...and maybe take out his bank-book. Thank you SOOOOOO much!! G-d be with you, and you can bet the farm you'll hear from me soon."
- Twentynine Palms MCB, CA
"I received my scarves today -- only about a week after ordering! I was surprised to get them so fast, thank you so much! I love them, the colors are beautiful and the quality is better than I'd ever expected. I will have no problem at all wearing them to class everyday. I will definitely be ordering with you again."
- Gistel, Belgium
"I wanted to let you know that I received my latest order in the mail today, and I am SO excited! Everything is absolutely lovely, and I am glad that I found your company, and Tznius clothing...the clothing is so well-made, and everything is so comfortable to wear! I wish I had known about your company years ago...and I'd like you to know that I will continue to buy from your company in the future...keep adding things to your inventory, and I'll keep buying...(smile)
Keep up the good work!"
- Clovis, CA
"Thank you so much for contacting me! I just arrived home from an out-of-town trip and my order arrived in my absence. The scarves are absolutely beautiful!! " - Atlanta, GA
"Wow, I am so impressed. My friend just emailed me your website, what a great idea. I am so impressed with the set up. Is shipping always free or is it just a promotion now? Good luck with your company and know that tzinus and promoting it will bring the geulah."
- Far Rockaway, NY
"I just recieved my order of scarves and I wanted to let you know that your service is great and the scarves are beautiful. I was looking for some scarves that I could use while at home after surgery which I will be having in July. I needed something to get my hair out of my face and while searching for bandana's came across your site.
Beautiful - I don't normally wear head scarves. However, after having recieved these, I do believe I will be purchasing a few more after my surgery.
Thanks again for the great service and product"
- Stamford, CT
"I am so in awe of how fast you shipped my order as well as the wonderful quality of the scarves I ordered. They look lovely on the website but are even more so in reality. I know they are cotton but they feel like silk. And yes, they are very feminine which is something I really wanted. I will order more items from you."
- Jackson, CA
"Thank you so much for the wonderful garments I received this morning! The corduroy skirt is absolutely beautiful and it fits me like a glove." - Holland, Netherlands
"Hello, I just received my order and wanted to let you know how very pleased I am. The quality of the materials and workmanship is excellent and I look forward to ordering more things very soon. I am so excited to have found a site for lovely, modest clothing that just can't be found where I live. Thank you!" - Colliersville, Tennessee
"We received this order, I'm speechless everything is so fabulous!!!!! Thanks you guys!!!!"
- Littleton, Colorado
"Kol tuv! Toda rabbah for the wonderful service. I just recieved my order and I am so excited and pleased to support eretz Yisrael and her people at such a time as this. May the G-d of Yisrael send mighty angels to encamp about you. Am Yisrael chai!" - Williamsburg, VA
"Greetings! I wanted to thank you very much for the service you provide. I have purchased several scarves from you, and they are all so beautiful, and LARGE! It is extremely hard, if not impossible, to find these in the U.S. I received my velvet scarves, and they are the loveliest yet. Thanks again." - Irmo, South Carolina
"Shalom, I just Wanted to let you know how much I love your scarves. I got my first one a week ago and, the first night I wore it I got a lot of compliments. Everyone wanted to know where I got it from. I am so glad that I found a site that has a great scarves and it is also supporting Israel. I have already have ordered four more. Thank You" - Fenton, Montana
"The scarves have arrived! Thank you, thank you, they are beautiful and my wife was very pleased with her gift. We've both been telling everyone who's asked where we purchased such lovely scarves. Hope this brings you lots of business. We'll be ordering again soon."
- Independence, Kansas
"Thank you so much for carrying such a beautiful line of scarves, etc. I will be ordering more in the near future. I'm really happy with my goodies." - Canton, Georgia
"Shalom, Women of,
I just received my latest order today and had to write! The tie-dyed skirt (I got an olive one) is incredible! And I didn't realize how beautiful your fringed scarf is - I will definitely be ordering more of them.
   Once again, I am thrilled with your products and service and I am ever-so-grateful that you exist. You are truly a fragrant flower in this barren desert of women's choices in modest and beautiful clothing!" - New Hampshire, USA
"Fantastic site! "
"Shalom, Just visited your site for the first time. It is wonderful! I love the selection of scarves, and the section that gives ideas on how to tie them. Please consider adding other varieties of tying. Your skirts are beautiful too. Your site shows how one can be modest without being frumpy, so that the simplicity and beauty of the outer wear, allows the beauty of the inner spirit to shine through." - Kingston, Jamaica
"I just received my parcel today and the scarves are even more beautiful than I imagined! They feel so good, too; they were surely worth the wait! Thank you, thank you! I will definitely be ordering more." - Chestnut Ridge, NY
"Thank you. We received the skirts today and my daughters are thrilled with the quality, fit...everything." - Sylvania, Ohio
"I just wanted to thank you for making such a great site, and to encourage an expansion of this site. As it is extremely difficult to find tzniut clothing, I thank you for making modest clothing available. My only suggestion is to get more items! "
"I am excited to tell many of my newly married friends about the scarves available on your site - my friend and I are trying to repopularize tichels amongst the young american crowd and until i saw your site, only knew of where to get nice ones in Israel!" - Flushing, NY
"We received the package. And thank you for bearing with us on our questions in regard to the order. The headcovering is lovely, and my wife and I love it. Thanks so much! (We plan on ordering more of your clothing and headcoverings in the future. We are so pleased with your service and products.)" - Tallahassee, Florida
"Hello.. I recently ordered 2 snoods from you. I just wanted to let you know that I received my order in a very timely manner and I am pleased with my order. They fit well and look good. I also went on your links and I enjoyed searching out the other sites you have posted. I will be ordering more from you. I also like the fact that my money is going to support Israel. Keep up the good work and I look foward to being a repeat customer. "
- Jacksonville, Florida
"Hello, Just a quick note to let you know I received my skirts and am thrilled. They are simply beautiful and well worth the wait. I will definitely buy from you again." - Bloomfied, NJ
"Shalom! I just received my first order from you today - everything is beautiful and fits like a glove! I'm sure I will be ordering more! Many blessings to you" - New Hampshire, USA
"Thank you! I got my package today and everything was great! I look forward to seeing more things on your web site and future orders! I would love to see dresses or jumpers on the site. I live in Florida and it can be very challenging to get clothes."
"Would love to see snoods and girls modest dresses and skirts and shirts. Thanks so much. I'm looking forward to my new head scarves!" - Marysville, Kansas
"I just had to add that I LOVE your web site. I've been covering my head for nearly 3 years now and have a terrible time trying to find head scarves. I have ended up making some, but it's hard to find the right kind of fabric. THANK YOU for being on the web. I'm in rural Kansas, so you know -- Wal-Mart just doesn't cut it! THANK YOU! I'm a very happy lady! Baruch HaShem! May Hakodesh Baruch Hu bless your business and your endeavor to be lights to the nation through your obedience to the mitzvot!"
"You seem to have a wonderful collection of scarves. However, as a frum woman who works in a secular institution I am looking for scarves that are a bit more formal. I live in Toronto Canada and have been buying cotton/polyester tichels in Geula, Jerusalem. Since I am not able to make the trip this year, do you know any other place that I might be able to get such scarves from on the internet? Thanking you in advance for any help you can give me."
"Your e-business is a GREAT idea for us in Chutz LaAretz." - Toronto, Canada
"Hurray! A friend passed along your web site to me. I am so very, very excited to see your beautiful head scarves and clothes." - NH, USA
" is by far the best web site for modest clothing on the web. Keep up the good work!" - Los Angeles, CA
"Thank you so much for your wonderful site. " - Mechanicsburg, PA
"WOW!!! I love your site! What beautiful things and such nice modest clothing at prices I can afford!"
"This is a great new site! I can't wait to order some scarves for myself. Hatzlacha!"
"Keep up the good work on the site. You are putting together some really great products that you cannot buy in America." - Monsey, NY


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