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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Tznius mean?

Tznius or Tzniut is a Hebrew word meaning Modest.

2. How do I wash and care for my scarves?

Wash with mild detergent (like woollite) using lukewarm water. Hang dry but keep out of the sun. Use a cool iron if necessary.

3. Help! My scarf keeps falling off even when I use pins to secure it. What can I do to keep my scarf from falling off?

There are a few ways one can prevent a scarf from falling off. First of all, if the scarf is tied on too tight, or too loose, it will naturally fall off. The best way to tie te scarf is so that it is neither too tight or too loose. There are some scarves that need additional friction between the hair on the head and the scarf to keep it from falling off. We recommend that customers wear the tight hair snood underneath. This will in most cases precent all scarves from falling off the head.

4. How long does delivery take?

Orders take approximately 1-3 days to pack (depending on the contents of your order) and another 3-7 days to ship.

5. Are the prices on your website US dollars or Canadian dollars?

All prices on our website are in American USD dollars.

6. My order hasn't arrived yet -- what should I do?

If it has been more than three or four weeks and you still have not received your order, please contact us immediately.

7. Is the $4.95 shipping for each individual item? Or for the whole order (even if there are a few items in the order)?

We charge a flat fee of $4.95 on any single individual order. Whether your order contains one item or twenty ... the shipping cost will always remain $4.95. The only exception to this rule are Robes ordered outside the US and Canada. Robes shipped to an American or Canadian address do not incur any additional shipping charges. However, Robes that are sent internationally will incur an additional shipping fee. We will contact you with details about the fee once you've made your robe-purchase.

8. Does shipping cost more than $4.95 for purchases out of the USA?

Yes. Orders to Canada are $14.95. Everywhere else is $26.95.

9. I don't see the color that I want listed for a product?

A color that is not listed on a product page means that it is soldout or temporarily out of stock.

10. Do you have a paper catalog?

Unfortunately, we do not have a paper catalog.

11. I need quick delivery on my items ... what is the cost of expedited delivery? has next day delivery service to anywhere in the world. The cost of expedited shipping starts at $18 (for under 2.2 lbs.) and increases for each additional kilo(2.2 pounds). Please contact us if you are interested in expedited shipping of your order.

12. I don't feel comfortable using my credit card over the internet. Is there another way for me to order items from

We do accept snail mail orders. If you would like to purchase from us using a check you may use either Paypal's E-Check system or send us a check to our US address. Please visit alternate methods of payment for more information.


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